Why We Do It

Fair, fast, effective hiring isn't just a tagline

Hiring well is hard, isn't it?  If it was easy, we'd all have zero turnover and a roster full of only star performers.  But, it's not easy.

You know some of the challenges you face.    Sourcing candidates is hard.  The best people often aren't looking.  And screening through resumes - where everyone seems to be a Nobel Laureate who has also cured Cancer and Saved the Whales while working for World Peace - is darn near impossible.

People want to land jobs, and they try to put their best selves forward in the interview process - making it really difficult to know what you will actually get after you hire them and the 'niceness' stops.

And HR and Talent managers are often stressed and overwhelmed - with too much work and too little support, recognition and technology.

If only there were a more consistent way to find and focus on the best possible candidates a lot earlier in the process - with less effort and more consistency.

That's the problem we started with.  A real, human problem.  It may not be sexy, but it's a problem that we stay awake nights thinking about.  How can we help real people - maybe people like you - to hire better, more consistently, in less time.

It's enough to make talent manager want pull out our hair.  Relax. We want to help you...



* Based on 90,000 discrimination lawsuits annually, an average settlement of $250,000 per lawsuit and 2,000,000 workers leaving their jobs annually as a result.


Relying on Resume's is Outdated

Leonardo DaVinci invented the first resume 10 years BEFORE Columbus sailed for America.

More than 500 years ago.   And Candidates have a goal of making themselves look as good as humanly possible.  Making it hard for interviewers to know who is stretching the truth, or outright lying vs. who is underplaying their skills.  That means, that they basically punish a desirable set of traits (Humility and Honesty) while rewarding some less desirable ones (Lying, Self-promotion, Etc).

Phone interviews and reference checking help, but they are also very time consuming, meaning that you may take weeks to get back to top talent - by which time they already have another job.

There needs to be a faster, more reliable way to solve this problem.

Thankfully, there is.  Through technology.

Modern psychology combined with the tools of data science offers predictions that, when combined with human judgement, significantly outperform either models or humans alone.

Talytica has created a set of tools that let you identify and get back to top candidates in hours, not weeks.  Tools that let you make better hiring decisions, and make them faster.

It's time you had the hiring and talent evaluation help you need.

We believe that the future is fair, simple and effective hiring, promotions and talent management.  We are committed to leading the way.  And we'd love to help lighten your load.