Employee turnover is, simply put, when you lose an employee you don’t want to lose.  When someone who is valuable to your company decides to leave even though you want to keep them.  We are not referring here to people you fire or dismiss, but rather

Jazz HR + Talytica: Pre-hire assessments, talent analytics, automated interviews and reference checks

Many companies and hiring managers say they do or believe in the value of a thorough reference check, but they still tend to put them at the end of the process.  Let’s face it, reference checks are all too often only a rubber stamp on who we already want to

World War 1 Solders — http://historyinphotos.blogspot.com/2012/06/world-war-i-ctd.html Pre-hire assessments of job applicants have been used and studied for decades, and evolved out of general psychological testing.  To understand them, we need to understand the evolution of personality assessments more generally. The US Government is credited with developing the

Structured interviews - hot to run great interviews

Do you or your organization want to run great interviews?  Do you want to talk to a candidate for 15 minutes to an hour and be able to predict how they will do in your company over the next 1-5 years?  You are not alone.

At first glance,

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