• Machine learning ensemble model built on your company's historical ATS data
  • Auto-create profiles of 'pass' and 'interview' candidates
  • Scores every new candidate who applies
  • Top Talent doesn't wait around
  • Instantly invite 'best matches' in for interviews with your team
  • Pass on clear 'bad fits' immediately
  • Focus your best recruiters time on the best prospects
  • Put your entire team behind landing top matches
  • Stop wasting time on poor fits
  • Identical, fair process for every new applicant
  • Ability to monitor in near real-time for 'adverse impacts'
  • Completely standard hiring process

The Power of Instant Engagement

Stop waiting weeks to engage top applicants

Our custom models work with any ATS system, for any customer with more than 100 historical candidates who have made it to the 'interview' or 'offer' stage and at least 100 candidates who have been 'rejected' before the interview stage.

We are achieving over 97% accuracy in terms of matching human hiring manager judgement in live use with our existing customers.  This is not a replacement for a trained hiring manager and talent acquisition team. What it is, is a vital assistant - and assistant who will work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (and a quarter).

This is the future of hiring.  Top talent isn't going to wait around, and if you are taking days to get back to them, it's a good bet your competition isn't.

Talent Analytics, Pre-hire Assessments, Automated phone interviews