Custom Models
  • Machine learning ensemble models Built on your company's historical data
  • Auto-create profiles of 'best' and 'worst' workers
  • Find more workers like the 'best' and avoid the 'worst'
Talent Analytics
  • Structured data and process, leads to transparency
  • Job and Company specific predictions, not fortune telling
  • Complete ability to review and adjust model outcomes
Repeatable Process
  • Identical, fair process for every new applicant
  • Ability to monitor in near real-time for 'adverse impacts'
  • Completely standard hiring process

The Power of Talent Analytics

Custom Models built for your company

Custom talent analytics are the future of hiring.  The words might sound fancy, but the concept is simple.  We take as many 'independent' evaluations of a candidate as we can.  These include past work experience, personality measures, cognitive traits, motivations, strong interests and job-specific skills - and the ability to add in reference checks and phone interviews.  If you want, we can even put in real-world interview scores and human evaluations. 

We use the scores from all of these to create a composite score predicting how likely this person is to be a great hire.  This model is based on the traits of your current best and worst workers.  And, it often includes hundreds to thousands of sub-models making their own votes and predictions.

But, that's all technical.

What talent analytics means to you is faster times to hire, better hires and a better candidate experience.