• Easy call recording
  • Candidates interview when and where they want
  • Hiring Managers listen when and where they prefer
  • Automated machine scoring of 11 emotions and sentiment
  • Human scoring from multiple scorers
  • Customized grading options
  • Candidates complete within 24 hours typically
  • Save 25-30 minutes of interview time once wasted on 'bad candidates'
  • Allow for multiple people to independently rate each interview
  • Stored, Structured Data
  • Valuable for machine learning and model building
  • Allows for process review and improvement

The Power of Automated Phone Interviews

More useful insights, less time

Automated phone interviews make you better at hiring.  It's hard to beat a well-structured interview by an experienced interviewer.  The questions are linked to critical job skills, and the interviewer knows just how and when to probe.  The candidate feels relaxed, but volunteers a lot of information about themselves.  Research has demonstrated that interviews are one of the most reliable, effective and flexible hiring tools around.  But, they take time to do well.  Time to prepare, to research the position and candidate.  Time to connect.

And, let's face it, many times the candidate is not a good fit, and that becomes clear very early on.  Why waste 25 to 30 minutes when you already know the candidate isn't right?  And why ask a great candidate to answer the same questions for multiple interviewers.

Our automated phones interviews fix all these problems.  They are fast and easy for both the hiring manager and the candidate.  They are consistent - the same job-related questions in the same order.  They get auto-scored by voice analytics and emotion-detection software.  And they can be manually scored along a pre-defined set of criteria by independent people on your team.

In short, they are a fast, easy and fair way to improve your hiring.

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